Out of town trips

Turin is at the centre of a ring of mountains and close to the Mar Ligure.

From Genoa to Cannes, all the most famous tourist resorts of the Riviera and the Côte d'Azur are linked to Turin by motorway. You can be on the beach in an hour and a half.

There are also excellent regular rail connections.

Only a little more than one hour from Turin there are winter sports resorts renowned throughout the world: Bardonecchia, San Sicario, Sauzed'Oulx and Sestrières.

The mountains are the natural home for winter sports, but also the ideal place for enjoying uncontaminated nature. In warmer months, the Alpine valleys closest to the city - Lanzo, Susa, Chisone, Germanasca and Pellice - are the perfect setting for walks and hikes, taking visitors even as far as the Gran Paradiso national park.

The Gran Paradiso was the first park established in Italy and incorporates a vast area of valleys and mountains. The highest peak is over four thousand metres high, like many others in the Valle d'Aosta, where the most famous are Mont Blanc (4,810 metres), Monte Rosa and the Matterhorn.

The Alps boast the highest peaks in Europe, and constitute a unique natural and biological heritage. An extremely important environmental and tourist resource, that is conserved and enhanced with the due equilibrium in Piedmont: there are two national parks and 55 protected areas.

Only 70 kilometres from Turin, between Langa and Monferrato, some of the world's most celebrated wines are grown: Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera, Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, Asti Spumante and Moscato. This is the centre of a noble and very varied gastronomic tradition. And here you will find some of Piedmont's most beautiful towns, among them Alba, Bra, Casale and Cherasco.

An irresistible temptation, to which it is easy to succumb: the Langhe and Monferrato are less than an hour from Turin. Once just a destination for day-trippers, today the area is visited by tourists from Switzerland, Germany and all of Northern Europe.

Just 90 minutes from Turin, there are two of the most famous in Italy: the great Lake Maggiore and the smaller Lake of Orta. Holiday resorts since the beginning of the century, they conserve the architecture of the period in their beautiful villas and many hotels.

The area of Lake Maggiore offers high quality tourist facilities: resorts and historical parks, protected environmental areas as well as water sports centres.

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