Entertainment and shopping in Turin

An opera theatre, three auditoriums, twelve theatres, high quality concerts and live music every evening of the year. Turin loves music. Concerts of all kinds attract an educated audience, open to innovation. The city has a large number of associations that help to make the quality of musical life in Turin unique.

The RAI National Symphonic Orchestra is based in Turin.

The TeatroRegio, one of Italy's most prestigious opera houses, offers a programme of the highest international standing.

The Unione Musicale, founded in 1946 to promote music amongst young people, organises a busy programme of chamber music concerts every year. The Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi is one of Italy's most famous music schools, attended by over 700 students. It contains an auditorium with splendid acoustics. The Lingotto Auditorium (one of the largest and most modern in Italy, one of the masterpieces of Renzo Piano) hosts the world's greatest orchestras with the most renowned directors and soloists. The high point of the musical season in Turin is MITO SettembreMusica: a full immersion in music for the whole of September. From symphonic concerts to chamber music, contemporary and ethnic music, oratorio and jazz, the rich and varied programme attracts 40,000 people each year.

Five shopping centres, 16,000 shops, 60 open-air markets, over 12 kilometres of arcades.

These are the figures of one of the Italian capitals for quality shopping.

Haute couture boutiques and jewellery under the arcades of Via Roma and the Subalpina and San Federico galleries; antiques shops and restoration workshops in Via Maria Vittoria, Via dellaRocca and Via Principe Amedeo; bookshops, perfume and clothes shops in Via Garibaldi - the city's longest pedestrian street.

a cura del CISI - Centro Interstrutture di Servizi Informatici e Telematici per le Facoltà Umanistiche